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Addie Alcina, Deputy Town Clerk, Utilities & Property Tax


Brenda Holeman, Payroll and Accounts Payable


Gary Beadle, Planning and Zoning Director


Misty Pillaro, Bookkeeper


Jamie Keith, Utility Clerk


James Richard, Chief of Police


Berwick, La Code Ordinances - 2007 2007(14331)

Mayor - Louis Ratcliff

Name & Title Department Phone Number E-mail Address
Newell Slaughter, CAO & Town Clerk 985.384.8858
Rafael "Chuco" Lopez - Public Works Director 985.384.8858 [email protected]
James Richard, Chief of Police 985.384.7710 [email protected]
David Leonard, Asst Police Chief 985.384.7710 [email protected]
Gary Beadle, Planning & Zoning 985.384.8858 [email protected]
Fire Department 985.384.1646 [email protected]
Report Fire 985.385.2121 [email protected]
Allen Rink, Fire Chief 985.384.1646  
Police Department 985.384.7710 [email protected]


Misty Pillaro, Bookkeeper 985.384.8858 [email protected]
Addie Adams, Deputy Town Clerk 985.384.8858 [email protected]
Brenda Holeman,AP & Payroll 985.384.8858 [email protected]
Jamie Keith, Utilities Clerk 985.384.8858