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Berwick Fire Department Print
alt Contact Information

To report a fire : 384-2121
Location: 400 Canton Street,
Berwick, LA

When called, the volunteer fire department will to the best of it's ability protect life and property in the Town of Berwick. The Fire Department will always implement the latest technologies in the fire service."

Allen Rink, Fire Chief

To the Good People of Berwick,

It gives me great honor to address you as your Fire Chief. My name is Allen Rink. I have been with the Volunteer Fire Department since 2008. I have served under former Chief V.J. Bella and former Chief Ray Rasberry. These two men have big shoes to fill, to say the least.

As your Fire Chief, I want the citizens of Berwick to realize we are a VOLUNTEER Fire Department. What this means is that we do not have totally manned fire stations. Yes, the Berwick Volunteer Fire Department does have one man during the day at the Central Station. Our mission is to provide the best Fire protection possible. To protect life and property to the best of our ability.

The fire department has always prided itself with the latest in fire fighting technologies. This does not come without a cost. Again, I want the citizens of Berwick to know that their Fire Department is Volunteer. When you need us on a cold January morning, it's volunteers that leave their homes to go out and protect the citizens of Berwick WITH OUT PAY.

This is the only organization that does not choose its group of people to serve. You see a fire does not choose just the poor, or just the rich, it does not choose the best sections of town. Fire can strike anyone, it does not choose because of political association. This is why I think this is the best volunteer organization to belong to. It takes all kinds to make up the organization to protect EVERYONE segregating NO ONE.

Sincerely yours

Fire Chief
Allen Rink
" IS YOUR SMOKE DETECTOR WORKING " ==================================================================================

Fire Department News

The Berwick Volunteer Fire Department recently constructed a new Training Building.



The Berwick Volunteer Fire Department has been approved for a grant fro FEMA for the 2003 Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program in the area of Firefighter Operations and Safety. The total approved grant project costs amount to $76,249.00. The Federal share is ninety percent (90%) or $68,624.00 of the approved amount and the department's share of the costs is ten percent (10%) or $7,625.00. This grant project will provide funding for the purchase of the following items for our department:

(1) Radio Repeater System
(6) Portable Radios
(1) Thermal Imaging Camera
(1) Rapid Intervention Team (RIT) Kit
(12) Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)
(12) Spare SCBA Cylinders
(19) Integrated PASS Devices