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The Beacon Shines On... Print

Principals of Berwick's Schools:  Dr. Buffy Faganbush, Berwick High; Dr. Teresa Bagwell, Berwick Jr. High; Debbie Tompkins, Berwick Elementary were honored at the December meeting for their schools receiving an "A" from the Louisisana Department of Education for 2013 school year.
DSC 5619

Former Town Clerk/Mayor Gloria Nini receiving the Beacon Shines on Award for December 2013.

DSC 0003

For August 2013 the Beacon Shines on former CAO/Town Clerk Dave Thomas.

For July 2013 the Beacon Shined on former Police Chief/CAO Ovay Rogers as he was honored for his service to the Town of Berwick.

Jen Thorguson, wife of Carroll Thorguson and her son Brian Thorguson accept a resolution of respect from Mayor Louis Ratcliff for Carroll Thorguson, honoring him and thanking him for his years of service to the community.

For May, 2013 the Beacon Shines on former Town Supertindent Allen Benoit as the town honors him for his many years of service to the community.

May 3, 2013 - National Day of Prayer.
March 2013, The Beacon Shines on former Interim Councilwoman Jacki Ackel.  Jacki has served the citizens of St. Mary Parish as a teacher and administrator with the St. Mary Parish School system for many years.  She also stepped up to fill a seat on the Berwick Town Council when she was needed.

January, 2013 the Beacon Shines on two Town of Berwick employees:  Erika Laine and Chris Fabre.  Erika and Chris were responsible for the Christmas decorations around town this year.  From left to right:  Mayor Pro-Tem Duval Arthur, Erika Laine, Chris Fabre and Mayor Louis Ratcliff. 
004 In December 2012, The Beacon Shines on two deserving citizens of the Town of Berwick:  Former Mayor Emmett Hardaway and Iris Berry, the wife of former Mayor Everett Berry.  From left to right:  Councilwoman Jacki Ackel, Mrs. Berry.

In the next picture down is former mayor Emmett Hardaway and current Mayor Louis Ratcliff.

 In November 2012, The Beacon Shines on, Teachers of the year for Berwick Schools, from left to right:  Jean Cantrell, Berwick Elementary, Mayor Louis Ratcliff, Councilwoman Jacki Ackel, Mario Stephens, Berwick Junior High & St. Mary Parish Middle School Teacher of the Year, Lloyd Burchfield, Berwick High School