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Police Department

                                                  "IN GOD WE TRUST"
                                                   patch 2

                                               MISSION STATEMENT
"The mission of the Berwick Police Department is to maintain social order...within prescribed ethical and constitutional limits...while providing professional law enforcement service to the citizens and visitors of Berwick, Louisiana."

David pic 2 (002)                                        Pic 2                                            
David S. Leonard, Sr. Chief of Police 30 plus years of service                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
JP 1 (002)                                  DSC_7318                                                                                                                                                           Chaplain Herb Stanley                                                
 Assistant Chief of Police  20 plus years of service                                                               

                                    Quentin Menard
                     Detective Lieutenant  12 years of service                        

Contact Information                                  
Phone: (985) 384-7710                                                                                                            
400 Canton Street
Berwick, LA  70342                                                   

                                                                                   PATROL  DIVISION   
                                         DSC_7109  DSC_7103  DSC_7101
                                              Sgt. Jose Salvador                Ofc. Carl Reed                     Ofc. Payton Dinger 

DSC_7321     DSC_7679                                                                                                                                                           Sgt. Bao Tang                       Ofc. Johnell Johnson             Ofc. Clayton Lapoint                                                                                  
                                                      School Resource Officer
                                                             Ofc. Chase Landry
                                         COMMUNICATIONS DIVISION
                      DSC_7096   DSC_7094  DSC_7093
                                       Ofc. Tim Mahfouz                        Ofc. Tammy Spencer                       Ofc. Karla Meranto

                Dispatch Supervisor / Administrative Assistant & Clerk Of Court
                                                       Lieutenant Mike Rodrigue 


The Berwick Police Department Officers not only maintain there yearly training that is mandated by the State Of Louisiana P.O.S.T., but they go beyond that year round.
             Screenshot_20200422-101246_Facebook (002)                                                         Training 2
                    shooting range      20220907_182123


Fine List

Number of Offense Cost
1st. Offense $201
2nd. Offense $221
3rd. Offense $241
4th. Offense $261
5th. Offense $281
6th. Offense $301
7th. Offense $321
Criminal Bonds Cost
Illegal Possession of Alcohol by Underage $
Loose Dog $201
Unnecessary Noise $201
Fail to Appear in Court $201
Reckless Op of Motor Vehicle 1st $
Reckless Op of Motor Vehicle 2nd $
Criminal Mischief $326
Criminal Trespass $326
Remaining Where Forbidden $326
Discharging of Firearm $326
Simple Escape $326
Simple Battery $326
Simple Assault $326
Open Container $326
No Covering on Trash $326
Unsecure Load $326
Littering $326
Open Fire/Burning Trash $326
Theft  If there is NO Restitution $326
Vessel Docking Prohibited $326
Unregistered/VICIOUS Dog Violation $326
Resisting an Officer $476
Illegal Dumping $623.50
Air Pollution (Dust) $623.50
Criminal Damage to Property Set by Chief
Traffic Bonds Cost
Speeding 1 to 10 over limit $151
Speeding 11 to 15 over limit $176
Speeding 16 - 19 over limit $226
Speeding 20 - 25 over limit $326
Speeding 26 and above $426
Misc. Traffic Offenses Cost
Stop Sign Violation $151
Careless Op of Motor Vehicle $151
Traffic Signal $151
Improper Passing & Lane Usage $151
Off Truck Route $151
No Cycle Endorsement $151
Backing & Turns $151
Expired or No License Plate $151
Parking $151
Handicapped Parking Violation $151
No Insurance $151
Driving Under Suspension   Arrestable Town Offense $151
Loud Music $151
Texting and Driving $151
Expired M.V.I. $151
Expired Drivers License $151
No Drivers License $151
Seat belt violation $51
Seat Belt Violation 2nd Offense $76