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Office of the Mayor

Mayor Duval Arthur

Letter From The Mayor

I am excited about being Berwick's Mayor! I want to see our Town grow and prosper. It will take a lot of hard work to make the improvements that I would like to see for our Town. I am very lucky to have 5 truly outstanding Council members that are young, energetic, well educated, and all have a genuine interest in our wonderful town. Mayor Pro-Tem Lud Henry, Council Members James Richard, Kevin Hebert, Colleen Askew, and Raymond Price will help me make those improvements a reality. Together we have continued to improve our drainage and our sewer system. Our water plant produces quality water every single day to provide us with good safe drinking water.

Berwick schools excel academically within the Parish as well as throughout the State, and for the past few years have proved they can be athletes as well. The Town is very proud of our schools, their teachers, and of course our students. Berwick has continued to support our many attractions such as: Lighthouse Park and waterfront, Berwick Golf & Country Club, Civic Center and adjacent playgrounds and recreation areas, Brown House Historical Museum, Cypress Lake RV Campground, and a 4.2 mile walking trail. Did I mention we have some of the best fishing and hunting in South Louisiana!

I ran for Mayor because I know we can do better. I know this will be a fight. I'm ready to fight. But my fight isn't with Washington or Baton Rouge. I believe we can rebuild our roads, improve street safety, and finally do what's seemed to defeat too many administrations-fill those potholes. Understanding that every dollar we spend comes from a taxpayer, and we need to show our respect for how hard that taxpayer worked to earn those dollars by spending them wisely. We also need to take responsibility for protecting our environment. Progress needs to be seen in all parts of Berwick; from River Road to Fairview Drive! These are the authentic values for Berwick... and they are my values!

I am asking the Tourist Commission, Chamber of Commerce, and the Parish Economic Director to not forget about Berwick. I don't want them to forget the fact that we are also the oldest community in St. Mary Parish.

Change won't come from one person-it will take all of us. All the resources, the talents, the ideas of this great, diverse, energetic town. I'm asking for your help. Please visit our website, send me an email, volunteer, give your time, your passion, your insights into helping make Berwick even better. With your help - We'll start making real progress.

Thank you,
Duval H. Arthur, Jr.
Mayor, Town of Berwick, Louisiana

Mayor:  Duval Arthur, Jr.

Council :  Lud Henry (Mayor Pro-Tem), Colleen Askew, Kevin Hebert, Raymond Price, and James Richard